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Supply Chain

Sourcing and Procurement

Sourcing and procurement refer to the method of finding, buying and managing the resources needed for a company to run efficiently. It encompasses the steps of identifying vendors, negotiating terms, and making purchasing decisions while ensuring the best value for cost, quality standards, and timely delivery.

Successful sourcing and procurement professionals require a combination of interpersonal, analytical, and technical abilities. This includes effective communication and bargaining expertise, familiarity with supply markets and related industries, sound data analysis skills, proficiency in project management, and knowledge of legal and regulatory requirements. A background in finance and experience in handling contracts and vendor relationships are also desirable attributes.

Finding a suitable sourcing and procurement professional can be a difficult task, as it involves identifying an individual who possesses a specific set of technical, interpersonal, and industry-relevant skills. The process requires patience, and utilising the services of recruitment agencies, job posting platforms and employee referral schemes can improve the chances of success.

Sourcing and procurement individuals are key to an organisation’s success and our expert recruiters will help you find, connect with and hire the best in business. Our team understands the skills that this function requires and is capable of handling the recruitment process from start to finish.

Supply Chain Professionals and Leadership

Supply chain professionals are individuals responsible for overseeing and coordinating the various processes involved in bringing goods and services from production to delivery. Effective leadership is crucial in the supply chain field, as leaders play a vital role in developing and implementing strategies aimed at enhancing efficiency, efficacy, and competitiveness.

To excel as a supply chain professional, candidates must possess an array of skills, including strategic thinking, effective communication, data analysis, project management proficiency, collaboration across functions, adaptability, technology know-how and strong leadership abilities.

Finding a talented supply chain professional and leader can prove to be a difficult task, as the demand for these individuals with a unique blend of technical and soft skills is high.

Seasoned professionals with relevant industry experience in various supply chain functions are critical to the growth of an organisation. Our supply chain specialist recruiters know how to find and attract the best talent for your organisation. By implementing an effective supply chain recruitment strategy, we can also help you hire leaders with specific industry experience who have the knowledge and skill to direct the end-to-end supply chain functions for your organisation. 

Logistics, Warehousing and Leadership

A logistics and warehousing expert oversees the movement of products and information from the point of origin to the final destination. A leader in this field must possess excellent organisational and problem-solving skills to ensure seamless operations and maintain customer satisfaction.

Successful logistics and warehousing professionals possess a blend of organisational, detail-oriented, and leadership skills. Effective communication and problem-solving abilities are crucial in this role. Technical knowledge of transportation, inventory management, and supply chain processes is also essential.

The logistics and warehousing sector is a major contributor to the country’s economy and the growth of almost every other industry is directly or indirectly dependent on this sector. Our team of expert recruiters possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of the talent landscape in the logistics and warehousing industry. Our seamless approach to finding, selecting and recruiting the appropriate candidates for your organisation ensures that the right candidate becomes a part of your team. 

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