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Product Engineering

Product engineering encompasses the design, creation, and commercialisation of innovative products, with a strong emphasis on both technological and commercial aspects. The process integrates software development, hardware design, and production techniques to develop dependable products. Product engineers are employed across multiple industries, including aerospace, medical devices, and consumer electronics.

Recruiting in the product engineering sector requires a strategic and thorough approach. The first step is determining the specific job function you’re seeking to fill, including roles in hardware design, software development, and manufacturing processes. Then, establish the desired qualifications and skill set, which should include technical expertise, education, and soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

Developing a job description and using multiple channels for attracting applicants, such as professional networks and job boards is the next step. Screening and interviewing candidates is crucial in determining the best fit, including technical evaluations, reference checks, and in-person or virtual interviews. Effective hiring in product engineering necessitates a well-defined candidate profile, a comprehensive recruitment process, and competitive compensation packages.

We simplify the hiring process for our clients in the product engineering field by utilising our expertise, resources, and networks. We collaborate with clients to understand their needs, culture, and desired candidate profiles. Using different scientific techniques in sourcing and screening, we identify and present the most suitable candidates for a particular role. We also manage negotiations and ensure a smooth and successful outcome for all parties involved. The ultimate goal is to provide a streamlined, efficient, and effective hiring process for product engineering positions.


A tech startup refers to a company that leverages technology to create and deliver new and innovative solutions to problems in a unique and scalable manner. These enterprises aim for rapid growth and are usually backed by venture capital funding, with the objective of disrupting established markets and becoming leading players in their respective industries.

When it comes to hiring for a tech startup, several key elements must be taken into consideration to ensure success. It is important that the candidate shares the company’s culture and values. Additionally, they should possess relevant technical expertise and have a passion for the product and industry. The ideal candidate should also be comfortable in a fast-paced and ever-changing work environment and possess strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills, as well as excellent communication and collaboration abilities. Lastly, a drive for continuous learning and growth is important in a startup setting. A well-designed hiring process can help attract the right talent and support informed hiring decisions.

We support tech startups in their hiring efforts by taking a comprehensive approach. This includes gaining a thorough understanding of the company’s unique culture, values, and objectives, sourcing and evaluating potential candidates, and managing all aspects of the hiring process. By leveraging our expertise in the tech industry and hiring process, we help bring top talent on board to drive the startup’s growth and success, streamlining the hiring process and saving valuable time and resources.


The industry of global capability centers (GCCs) and global in-house centers (GICs) entails companies establishing operations in various regions to leverage local talent and resources, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced expenses, and expanded business ventures. These centers commonly offer a variety of services including information technology development, business process outsourcing, and research and development. This industry has experienced significant growth as more companies strive to reap the benefits of having these centres.

Hiring for the global capability center (GCC) and global in-house center (GIC) industry requires a well-planned and focused effort. Employers need to be able to attract and retain top talent from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. This is achieved by understanding the specific needs and motivators of each target group, and then customising the recruitment approach accordingly.

Some of the key traits to look for in candidates include proficient technical abilities, exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, and in-depth knowledge of the company’s business operations. It is also important to assess the candidate’s adaptability to new environments and their ability to collaborate with teams from diverse backgrounds.

Having a comprehensive understanding of the local labour market, including talent availability, compensation and benefits, and local laws and regulations, is critical to informing recruitment strategies and remaining competitive in securing top talent.

Our method for hiring in the GCC and GIC industry involves extensive knowledge of the sector and its developments, as well as a thorough understanding of our client’s requirements. We carry out a targeted search to locate top talent using our extensive networks and resources. Additionally, we take into consideration local and cultural factors to ensure that our clients receive the most suitable candidates. We offer support throughout the hiring process, including interview preparation, salary negotiation, and onboarding, to make the placement seamless and successful.


The telecom industry is an umbrella term that encompasses all aspects of technology-based communication services and solutions. This includes telephone, internet access, and mobile services, as well as the companies that provide these services. From telecom operators and manufacturers of telecom equipment to IT service providers and specialised consultants, the industry is constantly evolving, with recent advances in 5G, IoT, and cloud technology shaping its future.

Finding the right fit for your organisation in the telecom industry requires careful consideration and a multi-step process. To start, having a clear understanding of the job roles and responsibilities is key to attracting suitable candidates. Secondly, streamlining the recruitment process with tools such as online job boards, social media, and applicant tracking systems can increase efficiency. Thirdly, using comprehensive screening and interviewing methods to evaluate both technical and non-technical skills, as well as cultural fit, is crucial. Lastly, offering competitive compensation and benefits packages aligned with industry standards can help attract top talent and retain current employees.

Our strategy for telecom industry recruitment involves thorough job analysis, a comprehensive sourcing process, and efficient evaluation methods. We use a blend of technology and established networks to identify suitable candidates. With an understanding of industry-standard compensation packages, we aim to find the best match for both the job seeker and the hiring organisation. The ultimate objective is to create a win-win situation by placing the right individual in the right role.

Automotive & Avionics

The automotive and avionics industry encompasses a wide range of products and services, from the design and production of vehicles to the development of cutting-edge technology for aviation and aerospace. The automotive branch focuses on ground transportation such as cars and trucks, while the avionics sector concentrates on the advancement of aviation technology. These industries are significant drivers of economic growth and innovation, and their impact will continue to shape the future of transportation.

Successful hiring in the automotive and avionics industry demands a well-thought-out approach that covers all the necessary steps. A deep understanding of job roles and industry trends is crucial in attracting suitable candidates along with a robust sourcing strategy that incorporates technology, such as online job portals and social media which can help reach a larger pool of potential hires. Finally, a comprehensive evaluation process that includes technical evaluations and behavioural interview helps determine the best fit for the organisation. Offering competitive compensation packages that match industry standards can also attract and retain top talent.

Our approach for the automotive and avionics industry involves a comprehensive job analysis, a strong sourcing method, and a reliable evaluation system. We utilise both technology and personal connections to identify talented candidates. With a deep understanding of the industry, we aim to find the best fit for your organisation.

IT Services and Consulting

IT services and consulting refers to the offering of professional guidance and support to companies and organisations with the aim of optimising technology usage to achieve their business objectives. This encompasses a broad range of services including technology implementation, management, support, and custom software development.

Successful hiring within the IT services and consulting sector demands attention to multiple essential elements. The first step is determining the specific technical abilities and knowledge necessary for the position. This can encompass areas such as programming languages, software development methodologies, and infrastructure knowledge. Soft skills, like good communication, problem-solving aptitude, and team collaboration, are also vital in this industry.


Our method for hiring in the IT services and consulting sector is very systematic. We assess the requirement of the client, including technical aptitude and cultural alignment, to find the ideal candidate. We also conduct pre-screening and interviews to validate a candidate’s qualifications, and background, and see if the candidate is suitable for an organisation. With access to a large pool of talented individuals, experienced recruiters and industry knowledge, we streamline the hiring process, providing clients with top-notch talent for their IT services and consulting endeavours. 

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