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Information Technology

Product engineering encompasses the design, creation, and commercialisation of innovative products, with a strong emphasis on both technological and commercial aspects. The process integrates software development, hardware design, and production techniques to develop dependable products. Product engineers are employed across multiple industries, including aerospace, medical devices, and consumer electronics.


A digital startup is a company that leverages technology to solve a problem or offer a new product or service in an innovative way. They usually focus on areas such as software, e-commerce, mobile apps, and internet-based services and prioritise growth, efficiency, and agility in their operations.


The retail sector is focused on selling products directly to the final customer. This can be done through physical locations such as retail stores or through digital channels like e-commerce websites. The retail industry encompasses a diverse range of businesses, including supermarkets, niche shops, big-box stores, and online merchants. It is constantly evolving, adapting to changing consumer preferences and advancements in technology.


The pharmaceutical sector is a worldwide enterprise involved in the creation and distribution of drugs and medications. This industry plays a vital role in enhancing health outcomes and furthering medical advancements through the development of innovative treatments for various diseases and illnesses. The sector also faces obstacles, such as high costs of research and development, regulatory obstacles, and competition from generic drug makers.

Financial Services

The corporate financial services sector offers comprehensive financial support to businesses, such as banking, accounting, and strategic financial planning. Private equity invests in acquiring ownership of companies with the intention of enhancing their value and eventually selling them for a profit. Investment banking, on the other hand, centres on offering underwriting and advisory services to firms looking to raise funds through security issuances.

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