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Be the Business!

The question is what is a better choice?

Be just another employee, a singular, invisible support function in a large corporation


Be the Backbone of an ever-expanding enterprise, supporting services and revenue. 

When you join PeopleLogic you become our most invaluable resource and asset- you become the business! 

What does it mean to “Be the Business”?

While you become an invaluable asset at PeopleLogic, you will be swept into a highly charged, customer-centric, knowledge-intensive, high-growth work environment.
At PeopleLogic, you will find yourself at the centre of recruiting, working with a team of highly skilled, passionate recruiters, helping build dream teams for some of the top companies.

You will make careers happen. You will help create exceptional teams for numerous companies.
And so you will “Be the Business”!

Do you think you have it in you to join a highly successful, dynamic recruitment agency?

What’s in it for YOU?


One of the greatest benefits of working with us is the opportunity to learn. Our recruiters are highly trained in technical as well as soft skills. We know the only way to grow in a career is to keep learning and that is why we ensure that our teams have plenty of opportunities to learn new skills. We run dedicated training programs to hone the skills, knowledge and attitude of our team.

Growth Oriented Environment

You become what and who you surround yourself with. This is why we ensure that the company culture works as an accelerant towards the team’s growth. We believe that only if the workforce grows, does the company grow.

Work Life Balance

We understand that there is life beyond work and it is important to maintain a healthy balance between work life, social life and personal life. We encourage our employees to maintain this balance so they can live happy and fulfilled lives.

Competitive Packages

The compensation packages and benefits we offer to our employees are on par with the industry standards. We believe that our employees are the life and blood of the organisation and deserve to be fairly compensated for their hardwork and dedication.

Transparent Work Culture

We believe that transparency is a key aspect of a positive and productive work environment. An open and transparent workplace allows employees to communicate openly which builds trust and improves efficiency. We strive to keep things transparent and encourage employees to speak their minds openly.

Culture of Celebration

We believe in celebrating things, big and small. Successes, milestones and achievements help build a positive work environment, boost morale and keep the team motivated. These celebrations are also an opportunity for employees to unwind, network, and bond, leading to stronger working relationships and improved team dynamics.

Young and Dynamic Workforce

A majority of the team at PeopleLogic comprises of young, dynamic and experienced professionals who are eager to take on new challenges and learn new things.

Rewards and Recognition

A job well done deserves to be rewarded and recognised and we ensure that our team feels acknowledged for their achievements. Our performance-based reward system motivates the team to put in their best and work smart.

Health Insurance

We support our employees through thick and thin and with this in mind, we have a health insurance scheme in place that covers the employee's medical expenses and reduces financial stress, which also improves their overall quality of life. It is our commitment to the welfare of our team.

We have a dedicated capability-building team which designs and develops in-house training programs tailor-made to polish and hone the knowledge and skills of our dynamic team. Our robust learning management system, The PeopleLogic University lends the required technological leverage to our training programs.


We believe that nothing can stop an empowered team and that is our mission – to empower our vibrant team with necessary coaching and mentoring so that they are confident, skilled and knowledgeable to bring about customer delight! 

Life @PeopleLogic

Our people are our assets. They are the backbone of a system that powers the talent success of many customers. Constant and continuous learning, a rewarding and appreciative environment with a generous sprinkle of fun and vibrant ambience depict life at PeopleLogic. Festival Celebrations, Cultural get-togethers. Team lunches and Outings, Birthday Celebrations Masti Mondays and many more such fun gatherings liven up the already-charged atmosphere.

We are looking for:

We Promise

We are always looking for awesomeness!

If you are passionate about working in the recruitment industry, ambitious to grow in your career,

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