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Plant Operations

ESG, HSE and Governance

ESG refers to the three key criteria used to assess a company’s sustainability and societal impact, including Environmental factors, Social considerations, and Governance practices. HSE, on the other hand, focuses on implementing policies and procedures to protect the health, safety, and environment of employees and contractors. The systems and processes that oversee the decision-making and overall management of the plant to ensure responsible and ethical operations come under Governance.

To excel in ESG, HSE, and Governance roles, candidates must possess excellent communication, analytical, and leadership abilities. A thorough understanding of sustainability, health & safety regulations and governance principles is also crucial. Key skills include risk management, data analysis, and stakeholder engagement.

We can assist in the hiring process of ESG, HSE, and governance professionals by understanding the needs of your organisation. Utilising our services can optimise your time and resources and result in the successful placement of the right candidate for the role. We have worked with companies of all sizes and helped them recruit top candidates for plant operations. 

Shop floor Managers and Plant Leaders

Shop Floor Managers and Plant Leaders oversee and ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the plant on a daily basis. Shop Floor Managers oversee the production process, including supervising workers, monitoring equipment, and meeting production targets. Plant Leaders take care of budgeting, maintenance, repair and regulatory compliance. Both the functions play a significant role in ensuring the smooth running of the plant and achieving the business objectives.

Key skills for shop floor management and plant leadership include strong leadership, organisational, and communication abilities, understanding of production procedures, safety regulations, and budgeting. Familiarity with Lean and Six Sigma, along with data analysis and problem-solving skills, are also considered to be advantageous. 

We can assist in hiring a shop floor manager or a plant leader by providing access to qualified candidates. Moreover, we can conduct initial screening, assist with the interview process, negotiate offers, and ensure a smooth onboarding process. Working with us saves time, energy and resources for your organisation and ensures that the right person is placed in the role. 

Production, Quality, Asset/Material Management

In the context of a plant operation, production refers to the systematic creation of goods and services. Quality management involves ensuring that the end products meet or exceed customer expectations through the implementation of effective quality control measures. Asset/material management is a critical aspect that entails the optimal utilisation and maintenance of physical resources, such as equipment and supplies, to maintain smooth operations and minimise waste.

Individuals working in production, quality, and asset/material management in plant operations must possess a combination of technical and interpersonal skills. This includes proficiency in project management, process improvement, and data analysis, as well as strong organisational, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills. Technical expertise in areas such as manufacturing processes, quality control techniques, and asset/materials management systems is also necessary for success in these roles.

Engaging with us to hire for production, quality, and asset/material management positions offers benefits such as expanded candidate reach, improved time efficiency, specialised knowledge, streamlined hiring process, and objective candidate assessments. We can handle all aspects of the hiring process and provide an unbiased perspective on potential hires as well as advise on the best way to hire the best candidates. 

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