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Creative sourcing and profile cross-referencing helped identify experienced professionals with specialized skills for this niche role at a French MNC

Niche role hiring is the mother of all challenges in recruitment and hiring. Aside from the fact that niche-skilled professionals are scarce, they are also mostly passive candidates. When the PCS (Product, Captives, Startups) team of PeopleLogic was presented with this requirement, we knew it was a challenge worth taking on, primarily because the client trusted in us that we could deliver, and secondly because it was challenging!

Premise:  The client was a French MNC, a European leader in Retail, Banking and Financial services. They were looking for an open-source contributor, a candidate who would help them in their technological transitions, someone who has tremendous experience as an open-source contributor and specialised skills. Being a very difficult hire, they approached PeopleLogic to assist them in this search.
Challenge: Open Source Contributors are scarce; they are “thin on the ground”, in the sense that one will not find them in any job portals, even the biggest of them. They need to have strong coding skills, the ability to promote the various projects undertaken by them amongst the tech community, the expertise to map out and conduct a thorough study of all software being used by the organisation, and identify and evangelise that software that will help the organisation to optimise the cost. Reporting directly to the Head of Technology, this role required considerable years of experience and expertise.

PeopleLogic Approach and Strategy

ADDA approach :

At PeopleLogic, ideas, opinions and solutions are taken from everyone. We call it our “ADDA”, an acronym for Analysis, Deliberation, Debate and Argument. Every problem is approached via this method. So, after a few meetings with the client, especially the hiring manager and the CTO to get complete clarity on the role and the requirements, our team went into multiple ADDA sessions. The role was discussed at length. The client requirements and expectations from the role were mapped and a candidate persona was created.

Creative Sourcing: With the candidate persona in place, now came the task of sourcing matching profiles. Sourcing for niche roles requires creativity. One cannot be stuck in the world of job portals alone. Our team of recruiters sifted through every tech community looking for candidates that match the candidate persona. They used their creativity to search “every nook and corner” of all possible platforms where these professionals were present. And bingo, the team came up with around 100 top contributors.

Cross Reference and Connect: Now came the arduous task of cross-referencing these profiles with their profiles on other social media platforms. The team went head-on into this herculean task, connected and talked with all of them, understanding their expertise, experience and the projects done. The list of 100 were further shortlisted. Interviews were set up.

Closed Loop System:
All through these processes, there was continuous and constant communication with the client as well as regular follow-up with the shortlisted candidates. Concerns were addressed and doubts were clarified. This helped allay any misgivings or qualms that existed on both the client side as well as the candidate side.

Success: Within 30 days of mandate sharing, we could close this requirement with the client. Out of the 10 profiles forwarded by us, 5 were shortlisted by the client, 2 reached the interview and 1 was selected. The candidate is a happy employee and the client is a happier partner, who still is going strong and steady with us. As for us, well, we are ever thankful to our client for their trust in us because of which our team got an opportunity to learn, explore and push the envelope.