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How a meticulous examination of prospects contributed to informed decision-making helped the candidate and an IT services and consulting client.

Recruiters are not just “paper pushers” Their role is not merely to close positions. Instead, they help the candidates to chart their path towards a better future. In that sense, they are the candidate’s most trusted counsellor and their confidantes. Every concern, every doubt, every fear of the candidate has to be allayed by the recruiter, sometimes even validating the decisions taken. This case is a classic example of how our team helped a candidate choose the right path and the best career decision of his life and at the same time, fulfilled the client’s requirement on time.

Premise:  The candidate was working in a major IT services company and was looking for a career change. He got a very good offer from another IT services company, with an excellent salary package with almost a 60% hike. However, while serving his 45-day notice period, his current company assigned him an onsite overseas project for two years.

Challenge: An overseas onsite project is an attractive proposition for anyone. Apart from the prospect of staying overseas, there are other benefits like salary and other perks as per the industry standards of that country. Therefore, at this point, the candidate was undecided about the job offer he had received. He was not able to make up his mind and was in a dilemma.

PeopleLogic Approach and Strategy

ADDA approach :

At PeopleLogic, ideas, opinions and solutions are taken from everyone. We call it our “ADDA”, an acronym for Analysis, Deliberation, Debate and Argument. Every problem is approached via this method. So the team got together for ADDA sessions. The candidate’s career path and long-term benefits for both options were discussed at length. These were mapped and given to the candidate so that he could make an informed decision.

Backup Options: While ADDA sessions were going on, our sourcing team and our profile validation team were already moving ahead with backup options in order to ensure timely delivery.

Closed loop system: The client was informed of the situation at hand and our processes to handle the situation. This transparency helped our clients to trust our process. The feedback and information were flowing continuously which helped allay the client’s fears.

Success: The candidate after weighing the pros and cons of both options, decided to take up the job offer and not go for the overseas onsite project. The reasons were many, first and foremost being the long-term benefits. The onsite project was only for 2 years and once he came back he would have to rejoin the current company at the existing salary. Also, the role and responsibilities of the new job were more exciting as he could see a clear career progression. Through all this, our team ensured that they presented an objective and non-biased picture of both options. For, recruiters are not just paper pushers, but they help create futures!