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How a B2B E-commerce Startup Successfully Discovered the Perfect Match for the Vital CFO Role”

What happens when your client is very particular about the cultural fit of the candidate apart from the skills? How difficult can it get when the client insists on as many as 10 rounds of interviews to gauge the cultural fit of the candidate? Well, read on to know how our Senior Business Manager of the Industrial Services Vertical deftly handled this ask of our client.
Premise: The hiring manager was a veteran belonging to a B2B e-commerce Startup. They were on the lookout for a CFO.
Challenges: Three enormous challenges were looming large over this requirement. One, convincing the candidates, especially very senior ones, to join the startup.

The second challenge was the actual search for a C-suite candidate. These candidates were mostly passive candidates who were not actively looking for a job change. Unlike other candidates whose profiles can be sourced from job portals, C-suite executives do not usually advertise their availability. Therefore, it was a tightrope walk.

Usually,  the selection and interview process in a startup gets completed within 2 rounds of interviews. But here, the client’s insistence on ensuring the cultural fit, moral values and beliefs were extending the process to up to 10 rounds of interviews and sometimes even more. That was the third challenge.

PeopleLogic Strategy and Approach:

The challenge was handled by our Senior Business Manager and his team by adopting the three paths given below

  • CTAR
  • Experimental and Exploratory
  • Closed Loop System.

CTAR Approach

CTAR is an acronym for Client Focussed, Trust, Action and Respect.  Understanding the client’s perspective is very important in building long-lasting relationships whose foundation is Trust. Also being proactive, and anticipating client needs helps in achieving desired results. Here is where action comes in. Lastly, every relationship thrives when there is mutual respect.  This acts as a catalyst for creating an ambient environment where open communication, active listening and mutual understanding flourish. Thus CTAR approach is a winner in all respects

Experimental and Exploratory Path

An experimental and exploratory path was taken throughout this journey. Our Senior Business Manager had lengthy discussions with the shortlisted candidates to understand their backgrounds, beliefs, values, career journeys, career aspirations and future plans. These discussions easily took about 30 – 45 minutes but it was time invested well because, in this way, the first and most important level of gauging the cultural fit was done effectively before actually forwarding the profile to the client company. Therefore, this valued client only got those profiles that were a first-level cultural match.

Closed Loop System

Feedback helps close the system and gives corrective measures. So, after every candidate interview with the client, feedback was taken by us to understand the client better and to also make course corrections if needed. This feedback mechanism helped find all those grey areas and gaps and strategies were built to address these.

Success: As they say, time well spent is never wasted. The position was successfully closed once the right fit came along and it took just 3 weeks to close the position once the right candidate came along. Now we have a happy candidate and a happier client!