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PeopleLogic is led by highly skilled professionals with experience in varied industry domains. This has helped us build a unique culture and operating environment which nurtures knowledge intensity, continuous innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to provide simple and efficient solutions for the seemingly complex staffing and learning problems of our customers.


We have been consistently attracting talented professionals with excellent business problem solving skills and an inherent ability to think laterally. For instance, in our recruitment business, we have an enviable internal training process which includes topics as diverse as subject matter on core domain (technology, Finance, HR, Industry processes etc), business communication, recruitment techniques (OTB, UTB), Local employment laws and government regulations, Taxation among others.


We consider ourselves privileged brand ambassadors of our customers, and hence mandate and encourage our consultants to have an in-depth knowledge of our clients. Our Information radars are consistently monitoring every detail in the growth of our clients and hence can be assured that the solutions we offer would be appropriate.