The PeopleLogic Differentiators



What sets us apart? Successful businesses rely on leveraging the talent and efficiency of their people to realize their full potential. We are no different. We take great pride in acknowledging that our people are our biggest asset.  When we recruit internally, these are the main qualities we look out for! 
We pick up the best, internally train and mentor them to become expert recruiters in their own specialized area. We encourage them to implement original ideas and methodologies to fulfill our client requirements on-time and within budget.  In addition to building a world class team internally, it is also important to us that our clients get world class staffing advice and experience. How do we ensure this? Read below!


Engagement Model


Collaborative & Agile: Stay close to the technological, cultural and commercial drivers of the client’s business and also to the aspirations and credentials of potential candidates. This ensures perfect mapping of opportunities to talent

Relationship based: In any engagement we initiate with a customer, our primary objective is to forge a long standing relationship. We try to understand the customer from multiple angles and create dynamic customer profiles based on the extensive knowledge and experience of our consulting team. This accelerates our service delivery and makes it highly accurate.


Unique Sourcing Strategies


Beyond Traditional: While we do all of what our peers do, we go much beyond. Our sourcing strategies are proactive and are primarily based on project and company mapping. We use headhunting extensively, as well as other BTB techniques. Above all we scale up or down our sourcing strategy based on the requirement and is customized to each search.

Knowledge based: What drives our choice of a certain sourcing strategy is our extensive knowledge of the customer, the talent landscape and general candidate aspirations. Hence instead of limiting ourselves as sources, we exceed our scope and become consultants to our clients. 


Expert Recruiters


We deploy experts (In fact we have one of the most envied recruiter training system in place) to source for any requirement under any given practice area. Unless we have experts who understand the nuances of recruiting for an area, we do not commit to the market our ability to successfully execute an assignment in that area.

For us an expert is someone who understands the function or domain, to the last detail and understands the market dynamics and ecosystem around that particular area.