SeedTalent (Greenfield Hiring)




Our first client was a startup, we helped them hire 90% of their initial team. Our learning from that experience gave birth to SeedTalent. Over the past 5 years, we have learned much more, and have been successful in fine tuning this service with each assignment we pick up. From strategically branding a startup among job seekers, to our consultative hiring engagement with founders and early HR we have mastered the art of Start-up recruitment. We offer this service across all our current practice areas.
Why are we different?

We have helped many and continue to help many start-ups achieve their true potential by hiring for them the best talent. Today more than 40% of revenues come from this service line. We continue to place dozens  of candidates every quarter across our various start-up and early stage customers. Trust us to do the job well.
Holistic -Selling

Few people understand and practice “Start-up selling” for this right reasons. Attracting mid- to senior professionals to start-ups have always been a daunting task. A typical response to this problem is over-selling or wrong-positioning. Our approach is “holistic selling”. We do deep research on the industry itself, its pioneers and leaders, and  current peers. We study the background of founders, discuss with them the vision of the company. We research on the availability of funds, and the eventual stability of the company. We understand if it the product or service is pioneering or if it is disruptive. Based on our finding we form a sales pitch approved by or client. This helps potential candidates get clarity of the opportunity and take informed decisions.

Bull-eye shortlisting

Will you spend time building your company or sifting through hundreds of resumes to find a good candidate. We understand your time constraint, we understand your priorities. One of our greatest strengths have been to give you few resumes, and ensure you close your positions. Reduce your work, let us help you focus on building your dream.

Flexibility in Model

As an entrepreneur, you would like flexibility. Flexibility in delivery model, flexibility in service level boundaries, flexibility in commercial terms. We have been there, we understand the same. Talk to us to stich up the perfect model that works for you.