Search Methodology


search-methodologyResearch based: Extensive research goes into every assignment before even the first candidate is approached ensuring the right fit the very first time

Leveraging technology: Leveraging the infinite possibilities of Information and Communication Technologies in reaching out to untapped talent

Multi-channel: Our Internal database consists 200,000+ high quality professionals of which 10% is in mid to senior management, 50% in Software development, 20% in Industrial and 20% BFSI and 10% in functions and other allied areas. We consistently keep building our junior database by leveraging our alliance with colleges, training centres and other fresher sourcing avenues. We have an extensive network of freelance and part-time partners who consistently feed qualified leads into our system. In addition, we also employ some proprietary Advanced Web searching techniques, use job-boards, advertising, targeted headhunting, passive candidate resume search, Other OTB and UTB activities to generate leads.