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Behavioral Competencies– An essential supplement to anybody’s knowledge set, behavioral competencies describe how we do things, like manage a job, a task, activity or people. We understand the significance of these in the professional sphere and offer services that shape an individual’s behavior to improve employability and employee efficiency. Some of the core competencies addressed are the ability to manage relationships, Communicate, focus on the customer, anchor to quality, maintain integrity and connect and work people.


Business Competencies – Our expertise in identifying and developing a keen role-based business acumen helps individuals quantitatively increase their contribution to an organization.  These training interventions empower an individual’s ability to understand a role, lead, analyze data, compete and to be accountable.


Functional Competencies – With a varied number of activities/responsibilities that come with any role, an individual is required to manage, juggle and execute all of them for desirable results. We assist in the smooth operation of a role through our range of well researched as well as customizable interventions that address areas in self-management, planning and prioritization, decision making, efficiency, resource management and effective business communication.

Subject Matter – Everyday there is a new skill and a new talent in the market ecosystem. With requirements evolving at a rapid pace, we help bridge the disparity between the existing and the emerging.  Domain specific offering by PeopleLogic help equip its participants in areas of technology and science, in the fields of IT, Telecommunication, Mechanical, HR, Marketing as well as Finance.